Made By Hand

Made By Hand: Contemporary Makers. Traditional Practices (Black Dog Publishing, 2014)

Another angle on my authenticity thinking: bespokeness (I think I may have just coined that word! For the "state of being bespoke"). 

From the introduction to this very cool book: 

"In a society of widespread homogeneity, where you often see someone wearing an outfit identical to your own, where your most prized possessions were probably made by the underpaid and overworked several thousand miles away, it feels exciting to have something different, something unique, and something 'clean'. We are engaged and entertained by the notion that we can actually meet, face-to-face, the maker of our suit, bike or shoes; that we might discuss with them how the product will be made ... (T)here are several things that unite the disparate contributors in Made by Hand: their exquisite craft, their undying loyalty to their discipline, and their absolute commitment to using traditional methods and traditional techniques to help push contemporary design in new directions."

DAH is me, David Anthony Hance.